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  • Apple + Amla - Juices - Second Nature
  • Apple + Amla - Juices - Second Nature
  • Apple + Amla - Juices - Second Nature

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Ingredients: Apple, Amla (Indian Gooseberry).

An Apple and an Amla a day keeps cholesterol at bay! The Vitamin C in Amla is a great immunity booster.

Both Amla and Apple are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C, making this health tonic great for your immunity, skin and hair. Vitamin C is useful in boosting your immune system and even helps you to fight common cold. A 250ml bottle of the juice is able to meet over 60% of the daily requirement. Vitamin C is important for the formation of collagen which helps give our skin strength and elasticity. When it comes to our joints and tendons, in simplest terms, it’s the “glue” that helps hold the body together.

The alkalinity in an Apple assists in cleansing the destructive toxins and waste by-products from the liver in addition to maintaining the pH levels of the body. Pectin, present in an Apple’s skin, promotes a healthy digestive system.

Our Apple Amla juice is great for the heart too. Results have found that supplements of Vitamin C improve blood vessel dilation and protect cardiovascular health.

Nutritional Parameter Per Bottle %RDA per Bottle1
Energy (kcal) 138.9 6.2%
Protein (g) 0.6 1.0%
Total Fat (g) 1.7 7.0%
Total Carbohydrates (g) 30.4 -
of which Natural Sugar (g) 28.7 -
Added Sugar (g) 0.0
Polyphenols (g) 0.2 -
Vitamin C (mg) 24.3 60.7%
Iron (mg) 1.5 7.3%


[1] Percent daily values(RDA) are based on a 2000 kcal diet considering a reference man and a reference woman. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Customer Reviews

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5 star

Very fresh

Forget Amla sourness with Apple Combo

The Amla sourness is nicely balanced with Apple to get this unique tasty & healthy drink fro the 'YES' Nature backyard.


Apple + Amla

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